We are students and allies fighting for free college tuition, protections from student debt, and greater investments in quality, public higher education in California.

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The shortage of college graduates California will face by 2025 if we don't act.

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The amount in-state tuition has increased in California over the last 20 years.

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Our grassroots campaign is led by students and supporters like you. With your help, we can make California a state where hard work and talent -- not income or wealth -- determines your success in college and beyond.

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5 of the top 10 colleges that help students rise out of poverty and live the American dream are public schools in California.

  • Candidates who want our vote need a plan to bring free college back to California.
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  • Don't forget to fill out your #FAFSA to make the priority deadline! 📝
  • Today for #BlackHistoryMonth we recognize Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel to space. Mae is was admitted into Stanford University at the age of 16. She went on to receive her doctorate in medicine from Cornell University in 1981. Six years later, she became the first African-American woman to be admitted into NASA’s astronaut training program. Then, in 1992 she flew aboard the Endeavour, becoming the first African-American woman in space! Thanks for being a role model! ⠀
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  • Do you want to help stop tuition hikes? How about restore California's investment in students? •
If so, we created a petition and call tool for you. Click the link in our bio or DM us and we'll send free 🍕🍕to any student who joins our #DemandAPlan calling campaign. Our friends at @ucriversideofficial are kicking things off with a phone bank today at 4 pm, and we hope you can join them! 
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  • "Unfortunately, as a middle class student, my family does not receive financial aid. This results in the financial burden of student loans landing on my shoulders. I have had to make the drastic decision to commute 50 miles from home to school each day because housing on campus would be too expensive. As a result of the commute, my grades have been slipping, I cannot participate in campus clubs, and having a job is almost impossible. It is unfortunate that the lack of affordability is withholding me from living on campus and being more involved to reach my full potential as a student. Attending college is meant to mold you into the perfect candidate for your desired career, not make sacrifices that refrain you from your career goals because of high tuition and student debt." - Sarah, UCR⠀
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  • "I grew up in Zimbabwe in an upper middle class setting. But then my home country’s economy flatlined and my family lost everything. Our savings, interests, investments, everything was gone. So we moved here to the U.S. with nothing. I decided to go to college, but I was an international student and did not qualify for federal aid. I had to work multiple jobs to help finance college. There were some semesters where I had to pull back on hours and I eventually had to rely on student loans from the bank. The further along I got, the harder my classes got, the less I worked, and the more aid I had to take out. Now I am pursuing my Master’s degree and I see other students juggling multiple jobs. Free college tuition would level the playing field and create a public utility where everyone who wants to take advantage of it can. It gives advantages to those who have been historically disadvantaged and would not have the means otherwise to attend school." -Thulani Ngazimbi, CSULB ⠀
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  • 🚨 Free Tuition Alert 🚨Tomorrow at 3 pm @asmkevinmccarty will lead a hearing on the budgets for @californiacommunitycolleges @thecsu & @uofcalifornia. We will cover the transportation costs for any student who wants to speak at the hearing & will host a #FreeTuition 🍕party after (sign up through the link in our bio). If you can't make it in person, tell us why @asmkevinmccarty should fight for free tuition for every Californian in the comments. •
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  • "Free tuition would change my life in the most amazing way. I wouldn't have to take out loans. I would be able to help my single mother with money. I would also be able to have money for gas to commute back and forth. I wouldn't have to worry about all the money I have to pay back once I graduate. I wouldn't have to sit with my mom and try to explain to her about all the finances and what I owe and when I have to pay it back. Having free tuition would decrease my anxiety and I would be much happier and stress free." -  Sophia Talavera, Cal State San Bernardino⠀
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Wishing everyone a Happy #LunarNewYear! May you and your family have a joyous and prosperous Year of the Dog. 🐶
  • "I chose to go to college because I want to make a difference within the community through the aerospace industry. I want to help my future children by paying for their college tuition to reduce or eliminate their idea of paying student loans. If tuition was free, my parents would benefit the most by paying only a fraction of what they currently are." -Xan Balayan, CSULB

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