We are students fighting for free college in California. Public colleges and universities were free in California for more than 100 years. Join us in working to restore that promise.

1 Million

The number of residents rejected by public universities since 2005.


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300 Percent

The increase in public university tuition in California in the last 20 years.


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Our grassroots campaign is led by students and supporters like you. With your help, we can make California a state where hard work and talent -- not income or wealth -- determines your success in college and beyond.

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$1.2 Billion

The amount of student loan debt held by over 4 million student loan borrowers in California.

  • “The importance of college was instilled in me since a very young age. My mom didn’t really give me a choice, which I was grateful for because of all the doors it opens and all the benefits it brings. At the end of this summer, I will graduate with a degree in International Business from @calpolypomona. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for very much financial aid. I received one scholarship, but my mom pays for the rest. Before coming to Cal Poly Pomona, I didn’t expect all of the additional costs I would face. Actually going through the experiences of college itself, and seeing how many added on fees there are, was a surprise. I agree that tuition should be free in California. Today, you need some type of degree to get a living wage. I think it’s essential for people to get their degree. A lot of people drop out because they can’t afford it and that’s just ridiculous. If that’s the only thing that’s stopping you I think that’s so wrong." -Isella, Cal Poly Pomona
  • This year, UC students will save $60 in tuition that was just rolled back. 🙌 We'll keep fighting til we roll it back to ZERO. 👏
  • Next week, @gavinnewsom & the @uofcalifornia Board of Regents meet in San Francisco. Will they fight for free college? 🎓✨
  • “In high school, I hated going to class, did the minimum to get by, and didn't feel passionate about life. Now, I've double majored in film and theater with production concentrations, got honors for my major and from my university, worked on numerous faculty productions, directed a show, and have a passion that inspires me to change the world for the better. I have no idea what the future holds, but I do know that UCSC has made me fearless and excited about the unknown and I am beyond grateful for that! And to all the graduates - Congrats and just remember that the little pig we all call fear, is just excitement. Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back from your own destiny💖” -Joseph, UC Santa Cruz
  • "As an immigrant from Korea who grew up in a competitive Korean community, education has always been a priority in my life; I was expected to attend a four-year university after graduating high school and pursue a high-paying career. However, after graduating high school, I took an unexpected break from college due to personal family matters. It was at this point I realized that many people face obstacles to continuing, or even starting, their higher education journey. I was fortunately able to return to Cerritos College in May 2014 and transferred to CSULB in August 2017. In 2016, even though I applied to transfer, I considered waiting another year because of the financial burden. I was afraid that I would not be able to afford a university education. That is why it breaks my heart to see many passionate students who are unable to attend college or transfer to a university due to financial issues. I have witnessed so many students take a break, only to never return due to the costs. Education is a right and finances should never be a barrier for anyone to achieving their goals." -Megan, CSULB
  • Today we're thankful to live in a country where students are leading the way for change. We will keep fighting, and we hope you will too. 🎆🎊🇺🇸
  • "I am a student who came to Cal State Long Beach primarily for economic reasons. My education is funded solely by loans. I commute two hours every day, five days a week, to save myself from needing more loans to afford housing on or near campus. I also pride myself on being a student here. I work hard to show that the heights that CSULB students and alumni can reach are endless. To me, the increased costs of college sends the message that the stress I endure to maintain my GPA, be involved on and off campus, and prepare for law school as a CSU representative, has not reached the right people just yet.” -Robina, CSULB
  • Cecilia Chung is an activist for LGBTQ rights and HIV/AIDS awareness. She is a trans woman who graduated from SF City College. Her story is incredible and showswhy we should never giving up! 💖⠀
In 1992, Cecilia decided to go through her transition, but was alienated from her family. She lost two jobs because of her transition, ended up living on the streets, and had to work as a sex worker. She turned to drugs for self-medication and was diagnosed as HIV positive. After almost three years of being homeless, she had a near-death experience. She survived and afterwards gain her mothers support. In 1998, she was elected to the Board of Directors of San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration Committee where she became the first Asian and first transgender woman to serve as President of the Board. She's served on numerous boards for transgender rights. Additionally, she is one of the founders of the annual #TransMarch. She currently works for the Transgender Law Center to help the LGBTQ+ community. Thank you, Cecilia, for showing us the importance of fighting for LGBTQ rights and for showing us the importance of perseverance. 🌈
  • Commencement ceremonies might be over, but events like graduation call for weeks of celebration. 🎉 ⠀
Check out the story from @calpolypomona grad Brennan, who stuck with it till the end!⠀
Brennan McSwain graduated June 9th, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with a subplan in Marketing Management. Throughout his time here at CPP, Brennan has faced his fair share of obstacles, which have allowed him to grow substantially. With his transition to adulthood, he struggled with holding himself accountable with his academics. Shortly after hearing from his advisor he was on the brink of disqualification from the university, Brennan began to change his narrative. He turned things around by managing his time wisely and focusing on school. Brennan was also very involved on campus during his college career. He has served as the Academic Chair of Brothers Movement, African American Student Center Social Justice Leader, Black Student Union Vice President, Residential Intensive Summer Education Program Advisor, Black Business Student Association Vice President, and a Diversity Ambassador. Congrats Brennan! 🎉
  • Tuition and fees for UCs in 2018: $12,630⠀
Tuition and fees for UCs in 1990: $2,865⠀
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