We are students and allies fighting for free college tuition, protections from student debt, and greater investments in quality, public higher education in California.

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The shortage of college graduates California will face by 2025 if we don't act.

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The amount in-state tuition has increased in California over the last 20 years.

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Our grassroots campaign is led by students and supporters like you. With your help, we can make California a state where hard work and talent -- not income or wealth -- determines your success in college and beyond.

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5 of the top 10 colleges that help students rise out of poverty and live the American dream are public schools in California.

  • It's #FreeTuitionFriday 💃🕺
How would free college tuition give you hope? Let us know we'll share your story here! 📸⠀
"I chose to go to college to advance my chances and opportunities in my professional career. Free college tuition means having control of my focus. I currently pay out of pocket for tuition. I also pay for rent, bills, and school materials. Free tuition means having my attention go directly to my studies and not worry about how I will pay for school." -Artemio, CSULB
  • The primary election is less than two weeks away! 🗳 #tbt to 1920 when women were finally given the right to vote.
  • Today we're celebrating not only the legislature fully funding the CSU and UC, but also the graduation of our very own @cot_yama! Congrats Courtney! We're so proud of you! 🎈🎊💥
  • In honor of grad season, we wanted to share stories of the inspiring graduates out there 🎆🎓 Here’s the amazing @karlathegemini’s story: ⠀
This marks the end of a four year long journey.⠀
As a first-generation, low-income, Mexican immigrant, this degree means the world to me. It represents the hard work and sacrifices that my parents have made for me, for us, to get the opportunity to cross that stage and receive our degree from the #1 public university in the world and #1 undergraduate Public Health program in the US. This degree is theirs just as much as it is mine.⠀
Despite the difficulties I’ve faced throughout the past four years, I am eternally grateful for the personal growth that Berkeley has allowed me to experience. It definitely was not easy; in fact, it was anything but easy. Institutions of higher education, such as Berkeley, were not made for low-income, first-generation, students of color like myself. We are just another statistic, made to think that we would never make it this far. The odds are against us, but with resilience and the love and support from my family, friends, and community, I was able to not only survive, but thrive at Cal.⠀
If it wasn’t for my grandparents who raised and guided me throughout my entire life, I would not be here now as a Cal alumna. The ganas that they’ve instilled in me at such a young age have stuck with me.  I couldn’t have done it without their love and support as well as that from my mentors and friends.⠀
I am beyond blessed and excited to say that I have a full-time job waiting for me. I’m ready to take my lived experiences and all that I’ve learned throughout my time here at Cal to continue to advocate for marginalized communities.⠀
The phrase that drives most of what I do is “lift as you climb.” I may be the first generation, but I will definitely not be the last. I didn’t just do this for myself, for my family, or for my comunidad, but I earned this degree to do my part in paving the path for those that will come after me.
  • Today is the last day to register to vote for the June 5th primaries! 
Make sure you and your friends are registered AND get out to the voting polls by joining Vote Crew. Link in bio
  • “As an out-of-state student that already struggles to pay the nonresident supplemental tuition fees, the tuition increases have been a hardship for my family to absorb. When sending me to UC Riverside, my family wished to provide me the best education and the best opportunity to succeed in my future career goals, but it has come at a cost. I will be facing the burdens of my tuition, and the increases that are an additional burden, for years to come. I wish that my aspirations to help progress in America's democracy would not have to come with such harsh taxes. However, earning my undergraduate degree with UCR's nationally recognized philosophy program has been a tremendous first step in providing me with a basis for future success as I leave for law school in the next year." -Benga Sorbi, UCR
  • In honor of Graduation season, here's a #throwback to CSU Dominguez Hills graduation in 1973.
  • "If tuition was free, it would take a burden off my mom and myself; we are a middle-class household and the university (plus books and other college expenses) takes a chunk out of our incomes. Although I love being able to pursue my degree, I will go to graduate school and will likely have to take loans to pay for it. If undergrad was free, graduate school payments would still be a worry, but definitely not much as it is now. Everyone deserves a chance to have an education especially since many jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree. Worrying about paying for basic needs in addition to tuition should be a thing of the past." -Amy, CSULB
  • "I always knew that I needed to pursue higher education in order to live the better life that my parents dreamt of for me. I currently receive the Blue and Gold scholarship which pays for my college tuition, but I took out both private and government loans to help pay for bills and school. Additionally, I assist my mom in paying some of the bills for my sister; I pay for child support, basic necessities for my daughter and rent, books, and food for myself. Free college tuition means more access to education for all students, regardless of financial income. If my tuition was free, it would allow me to put more of my money towards rent, travel, and necessities for my daughter." -Ryan, UC Davis
  • We teamed up with Change Research & polled 5,100 registered California voters to understand their stance on higher education issues. Here's what we found: https://buff.ly/2wHtE6Q

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